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Dibber will continue to grow, and we will do so by building kindergartens and schools ourselves, purchasing lots and planning projects, winning public tender competitions and by acquiring great, privately owned kindergartens and schools. We invest, plan and collaborate with developers, architects, real-estate agents and contractors for developing lots and establishing kindergartens.

Owners with Long-Term Mindsets
Dibber is created and owned by educationalists. We want to help the world’s most valuable resources to grow – primarily the children, but also their parents and our colleagues. Everything we do is based on a long-term perspective.

Sharing Culture
We are focusing on, and facilitating, a clear sharing culture in Dibber. Sharing leads to new questions, thoughts and solutions. We learn together and develop both as people, and as an organisation.

Local Freedom
We know that a good kindergarten is run locally, and that our collective resources are what makes us a strong national operator. That is why we also believe in great local freedom. We listen to our new Dibber kindergartens and schools and find inspiration in their contributions. We meet them with respect and humility– and with ambition.

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